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What's plogging?

When you plog, you pick up trash as you go about your daily life... jogging, hiking, or simply walking down the street.

 Plogalong helps you track your plogs, connect with nearby ploggers, and earn badges and achievements. 

Mobile App Now Available

Download it from the 
Apple IOS App Store

or on Google Play.

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Key Features

​For Ploggers

  • Log your plogs

  • See who else is plogging

  • Earn points and badges

  • Stay motivated

  • Help the environment

  • Stay mysterious, or build a following

​For Cities, Parks, and Volunteer Groups

  • Track volunteer activities

  • Identify areas that need cleanup

  • Engage locally with residents

​For Businesses (coming soon!)

  • Offer specials

  • Promote your business

  • Support nearby ploggers


User Feedback

"This interface is really easy to understand right now. It gamifies litter pickup, which could inspire and influence. I can assume you can get points."


Give Feedback

Take a 5 minute survey to improve the app and get notified when we launch. 


Help us take the app to the next level by sponsoring app design and dev.  Contact us for more information. 


Plogalong will be free to local businesses. Stay tuned!

Bigger retail and service businesses should contact us below for sponsorship opportunities.